Serum and Vitamin Bundle

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Get our best selling serum and vitamins bundled for a discounted rate! This is a great way to try both of our best selling products.

Our signature Unveil No.3 Hair Thickening Serum targets the causes of hair loss by improving follicle length and decreasing hair shedding. Full of DHT inhibitors, you can reduce hair breakage and scalp irritation.

Our signature product targets the causes of hair loss by 

  • Improving follicle length 
  • DHT Inhibitors 
  • Decreasing Hair Shedding 
  • No More Breakage
  • Reducing Scalp inflammation 

Our No.5 Unveil Hair Nutrition Vitamins is a proprietary blend that supports our hair, scalp, and over all anti-aging goals! What we put into our bodies is as important as what we put on our skin. We strive to source the highest quality ingredients for our supplements that are bio-available to the body. Here's to looking and feeling your best with clean, non-toxic beauty.

How Does it Work

Suggested Use: 60 Capsules - take 2 per day. Best taken with food.

How to Apply

Spray 1-2 pumps directly onto your scalp in each of your thinning areas. 

Massage into your scalp with fingertips. 

For best results, use our scalp-stimulating brush before you spray your scalp, to get the blood flow up to the scalp and clean away any debris. 

Use once daily, either AM or PM.  

** This is a Leave-On Treatment**

Serum and Vitamin Bundle

Serum and Vitamin Bundle

Regular price $84.00
Sale price $84.00 Regular price $104.00